JOE AUTO DEALER is a family run business, having its roots way back from the 1950’s, when Carmelo Attard, Joe’s father, used to negotiate some vehicles every now and then. During that post-war era it was very difficult for the Maltese to own a car, let alone negotiate several ones.

Vauxhall Victor
Carmelo Attard was famous for his Vauxhall Victor!

His youngest son Joseph was fascinated by his father, and used to observe him attentively and ambitiously as he did his negotiations.
It wasn’t until 1970 when Joseph flourished his ambition by opening a small showroom, which was more like a garage, in Burmarrad. He named his business JOE AUTO DEALER; or as some know him better, “ta’ Karlinu”; a family nickname which is still in use nowadays.
From then onwards, he never looked back. For well over 30 years he managed to run his car dealership on his own; thereby dealing directly with his clients individually. This principle of giving each client personal attention is one of the foundations that Joe managed to keep up till this very present day.

Ford Anglia
The Ford Anglia was Joe’s first love!

He had two sons, who fortunately decided to follow his line of business.

Steve, the elder son, from a very young age, used to go straight near his dad when he arrives home from school as he truly loved cars and his dad’s auto dealership. As soon as he finished secondary school he joined in to help his father. Today he is the expert responsible mostly to “nourish and flourish” their cars brilliantly.
On the other hand, in the year 2000, his younger son Brian, decided to resign from his banking career and join Steve, his elder brother to run their father’s business. Having acquired some years banking experience, he is now responsible for providing the insurance service and maintaining the financial side of their business.
From then onwards, Steve and Brian joined forces to run JOE AUTO DEALER with their father’s blessing, after Joe decided it was time to retire.

Golf IV TDI one of the most popular cars in the 21st century when Steve & Brian took over from Joe

Over the years, after Steve and Brian took over their father’s business, they also established their premises so as to operate the only Tied Insurance Intermediaries for Atlas Insurance PCC Limited and Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited, in Mosta

With almost half a century experience in this business at JOE AUTO DEALER you can rest assured that you get the best car for your needs at the best price with the best customer-service. Their specialization is in selling small to medium-sized cars.
Their basic philosophy of treating the customers with supreme service has been outstanding over all these years.